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Adding Figures And Images Into ANSYS Solution Reports


As we stated in an another article, you can create automatic ANSYS solution reports to show your whole aspects of your project inside a document. In here, we will show you how to add images and figures into ANSYS solution report effectively.

How To Add Images And Figures Into ANSYS Solution Reports?

Example of solution of a project in ANSYS Mechanical.

As you see above, you can add images and figures from the drop-down menu as shown by green arrow above in ANSYS Mechanical. You can add images and figures whereever you want in outline tree.

Add figures and images into ANSYS Mechanical outline tree.

What you need to do is, just select the place that you want to add images and figure from outline tree, such as named selections, solutions, geometries etc. Then click on ‘Figure’ or ‘Image’ from that drop-down menu that we shown.

Download And Install ANSYS R19!

You need to adjust the placement of your geometry in graphics window, because it takes the instant image or figure of your geometry in ANSYS Mechanical. For example, we took a section plane and shown whole elements. So, our geometry will be shown in this orientation and shape inside the ANSYS report.

Add or export images from files or directories in your computer.

You can also save the images that are taken, into your computer with the option of ‘Image to File…’ option shown in red box above. You just click on it, and save it into a file directory in your computer.

Also you can add an external image by clicking on ‘Image from File…’ from your computer. This is an also very useful to add different photos according to your project into ANSYS report.


‘Image To Clipboard’ option works as Screen Shot.

Figure inside ANSYS project report.

As you see above, taken figures and images are shown inside the ANSYS report like above. The places images and figures inside ANSYS report defined by the selected place in outline tree.

So, adding images and figures is very easy in ANSYS Mechanical. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about adding figures and images into ANSYS reports.

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