Adding Standard Earth Gravity In ANSYS Mechanical(Iluustrated Expression)

Adding standart earth gravity to parts in ANSYS Mechanical is very basic and very important process. You know that the correctness is very important and the definition of boundry conditions in finite element analysis(FEA) systems also very important. So defining gravitational effects in ANSYS analysesis very important parameter.

How To Add Standard Gravity In ANSYS Mechanical?

Click on Standard Earth Gravity tab in ANSYS Mechanical.

To add gravitational effect in ANSYS Mechanical, right click on analysis system(Static Structural in this example), hover your mouse on ‘Insert’ tab as shown by red arrow above then click on ‘Standard Earth Gravity’ section from the pop up menu that opened as shown by red box above.

Select the direction of gravitational acceleration in ANSYS Mechanical.

After opening a Standard Earth Gravity, the gravity is defined in Z direction as default. To change it, click to open the little pop up menu at the Direction section in Details, then select a direction as shown in red box above.

The gravitational effect is uploaded in ANSYS Mechanical.

As you can see above red box and arrow, the standard gravitational effect is applied in +Y direction. So definition of gravity in ANSYS Mechanical is very simple like that!

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