Advantages Of Metals In Manufacturing And Engineering

Metals are the one of four types of engineering materials and the most used materials in engineering and manufacturing. Metals has lots of advantages compared with other materials, and because of these advantages, they are the most used and utilized materials in production. In this article, we summarize the metals advantages upon other materials.

What Are The Advantages Of Metals In Manufacturing And Engineering?

Various metals that are used in manufacturing.

High Stiffness And Strength: Metals are alloyable materials. So by aölloying with other kinds of elements, metals can have superior features. And desired features can be obtained by alloying metals with other elements. Also high stiffness and high strength characteristics of metals can be achieved with different alloys. And this is a very basic process.

Toughness: Specific metals with specific alloys have very good energy absorbation capacity compared with other engineering materials. For example, cast irons, which is iron-carbon alloy, has very good damping and toughness characteristics.

Superior Electrical Conductivity: In mıst electrical devices and electronics, metals are prominent materials that are used in them. Because, superior electrical conductivity feature of metals makes them prominent in these areas.

Superior Thermal Conductivity: In some engineering applications, thermal conductivity is very important factor in which heat transfer is very important. Metals conduct the heat very well compared with other engineering metals. Because of this feature of metals, they are prominent materials in HVAC applications such as boilers, IC engines etc.

These are the individual characteristics of metals. In various applications, requirement of these properties can have in one place. For example in internal combustion engines, there are lots of dynamic and high speed parts, and great heat transfer from cylinders to outside of the engine. So the materials that is used in internal combustion enginer must withstand these dynamic loadings so it must have very good toughness and strength, and must have vert good thermal conductivity. What material you need to use on internal combustion engines will be probably a metal.

It can be said that the metals are prominent material of our great civilization.

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