ANSYS ‘An Internal Solution Magnitude Limit Was Exceeded’ Error Solution

This is an typical error in ANSYS Mechanical that faced while doing mechanical analyses. The solution of this problem is very basic. In here, we explain the solution steps of ‘a internal solution magnitude limit was exceeded’ error in ANSYS Mechanical.


How To Solve ‘a internal solution magnitude limit was exceeded’ Error In ANSYS Mechanical?

ANSYS ‘an internal solution magnitude limit was exceeded’ error.

As you see above, this error appear as an ‘Error’ and ‘Warning’ message in ANSYS Mechanical. And the analysis is not solved at ‘Solution’ section as shown in green box above.

Make ‘Solver Pivot Checking’ to ‘Off’ in ANSYS Mechanical.

First of all, you need to make ‘Solver Pivot Checking’ from ‘Program Controlled’ to ‘Off’ from ‘Analysis Settings’ in ANSYS Mechanical. This option will force your analyses to be done even there is an error about analysis itself.

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Then right click on analysis system which is ‘Static Structural’ here, and add a ‘Command(APDL)’ list.

Into that Command(APDL), type ‘ncnv, ,le30’ as shown by green arrow above. Delete all the generated data by right clicking on ‘Solution’. Then solve the analysis again.

These options will force to solve your analysis even it is very wrong. But you can see the problematic section in your analysis. And you need to check the proplematic section, and change or adjust your connections to solve it. After the adjustments, solve your analyses again. You can retry this up to obtain a logical solution from your analysis.

At last, you can open the ‘Solver Pivot Checking’ to ‘Program Controlled’ mode to see, whether there is a problem in your analyses again.

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