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ANSYS® R18 Download And Install(ILLUSTRATED)

ANSYS® R18 is a special ANSYS® version that if you have a middle ranged system in your computer, you could use ANSYS® R18 without facing any kind of inadequacy from your computational system. Also, you could reach the information about the could your computational system run ANSYS® R18 by looking at the ANSYS® R18’s system requirements. In this article, we will show how you download the ANSYS® R17software to your computer and how can you install the ANSYS® R18 to your system step by step.

Especially mechanical engineers are generally using this FEA software ANSYS® R18 to analyze their physical structures such as bridge systems, aerodynamics, automotive part’s analysis, and wide variety problems like that. So you could analyze your electrical, fluid, thermal, and structural systems by using ANSYS® R18’s various finite element tools and great meshing capabilities of ANSYS® R18. ANSYS® R18 is a very common software that is generally used by all types of engineering branches such as mechanical engineering today to obtain physical simulations of various engineering systems. ANSYS® R18 is a finite element analysis tool that engineering problems or systems could be structured by using various tools of ANSYS® R18 software. Also, ANSYS® R18 widened the CAD tools by adding the SpaceClaim within itself in addition to DesingModeler. With the defined boundary conditions, you could solve various engineering problems by appointing a proper mesh structure to them. In the latest versions of ANSYS®, there are lots of brand new tools that you could easily use to solve a specific engineering problem.

Step 1: Open the downloaded ANSYS® R18 folder from your local disc and open the ANSYS® R18 setup.exe like shown by the red arrow from the below screenshot.

Click on setup…

Step 2: After clicking on the ANSYS® R18 setup exe. Select the language from the red box shown below and click on the Install ANSYS® Products to start the installation steps of Ansys® R18 to your computer.

ANSYS® R18 Language selection.

Step 3: After that, select the installation directory of ANSYS® R18 in your computer like in the red box then click Next like shown by the red arrow below screenshot.

Installation directory…

Step 4: There will be a window appeared that shows the license agreement of ANSYS® R18. To go on to the installation of ANSYS® R18, click I agree like in the red box then click the Next button as shown by the red arrow below the screenshot.

Click Next.

Step 5: If you have a rush, you could choose the ‘Skip this step and configure later’ like in the red box and click next to go on to the installation of ANSYS® R18 as shown in the red arrow below.

Skip this step…

Step 6: In this window, you could select from the various tools of ANSYS® R18 from the given list by clicking on them according to your requirements, there is a piece of information about disk space. Then you could click on the Next button to go on ANSYS® R18 installation.

ANSYS® Product installation selection…

Step 7: You could skip CAD configurations of ANSYS® R18 in your computer like in the red box below and click the next button as shown by the red arrow to go on to the installation of ANSYS® R18 on your computer.

Skip the CAD configuration…

Step 8: he installation process of ANSYS® R18 is started on your computer. When it’s asked, insert the DVD2 to the related disc directory to go on to the installation process of ANSYS® r17.

Installation window of ANSYS® R18.

Step 9: After the installation process of ANSYS® R18 is finished in your computer, click on the exit button in the window appeared at your window as shown by red box.

Click exit to finish it.

System requirements of ANSYS® R18

OS requirements for ANSYS® R18: Windows 8+ or Linux (Red Hat, Suse are listed) or higher to run ANSYS® R18.

RAM Requirements for ANSYS® R18: 16GB of RAM, 64-bit architecture, or higher to run ANSYS® R18.

Disk Requirements of ANSYS® R18: minimum of 2TB HDD space, or higher to run ANSYS® R18.

Graphics Requirements for ANSYS® R18: workstation graphics card or higher to run ANSYS® R18.

How can I download the ANSYS® R18? From where could I download the ANSYS® R18products? Where can I find the ANSYS® R18 download link? Where can I download ANSYS® R18?


From the given link, you could go to the official ANSYS® website, but this link leads to the latest version of ANSYS®. If you want to download the ANSYS® R18 version, keep in contact with the customer service of ANSYS®.



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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used in educative and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.

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