Applications And Properties Of Thermoset Polyimides

Polyimides are another types of polymers that avaliable as both thermoplastic and thermosetting. But the thermosetting polyimides are much more important because of their properties. In here, we explain these properties of polyimides and applciations of them. Also you can find properties of a specific kind of polyimide polymer.

Polyimides in electronical wirings.

What Is Polyimide Thermosets?

Thermosetting polyimides are renown with their excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties. Because of that, they are much more important from thermoplastic one. In market, thermosetting polyimides have commercial names as Kapton and Kaptrex. Because of these characteristic properties, polyimides are used in such applications like below;

  • Polyimides are widely used in insulating films.
  • Flexible cable coating application is also important application of polyimides. Because electrical resistance is also very important for them.
  • Protective clothes and medical tubes are also another important applications of polyimides, because of their high chemical resistance.

Properties Of A Used Polyimid Thermoset Material

Polimide chemical expression.

This material constitutes chemicals that; pyromellitic dianhydride (C6H2(C2O3)2) and 4,40-oxydianiline (O(C6H4NH2)2). These starting materials are mixed in condensation polymerization process to obtain polyimid thermoset. Polyimides have bigger elongation value compared with other thermosets which is 5% according to original shape. It is very high around average thermoset values, but it can be called as brittle material. Tensile strength of this polyimid material is around 80 MPa and modulus of elasticity of this polyimid material is around 3200 MPa.

These are the general characteristics of polyimide thermosets. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about applications and properties of polyimides below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.

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