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Arithmetic Means Of Numbers, Vectors and Matrices In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)


You can calculate the arithmetic mean of various number structures as matrices, vectors etc. in Matlab. You do not need to write the whole mathematical equation to calculate the arithmetic mean of vectors or matrices in Matlab. There is a special command to do it in Matlab. In this article we will show you how to calculate the aritmethinc means of vectors, matrices in MatLab.

How To Calculate Arithmetic Means Of Vectors And Matrices In Matlab?

Arithmetic mean calculation with ‘mean()’ command in Matlab.

We created an ‘a’ vector and ‘b’ matrix to show you the working principle of ‘mean()’ command in Matlab. You just type the variable inside the mean() command as shown by red box above. Also you can directly type the matrices or vectors inside the parantheses of mean() command to calculate arithmetic mean of them in Matlab.

The arithmetic mean of ‘a’ vector is calculated as shown by orange arrow above. There is a one value of arithmetic calculation in Matlab.

Also arithmetic mean of ‘b’ vector is calculated as shown by green arrow and has 3 values. So each row’s arithmetic calculation is done separately with ‘mean()’ command in Matlab.

So calculation of arithmetic mean is very basic in Matlab as you see.

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