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Last Aspect Ratio Inflation Option In ANSYS Meshing(Illustrated Expression)

Aspect Ratio Mesh Metric In ANSYS Meshing(Illustrated Expression)


Mesh metrics in ANSYS Meshing is very useful tool to asses the different features of createdmesh structures. All these mesh metrics are explained in Mechanical Base and we strongly recommend you to learn these mesh metrics individually. One of these mesh metrics is ‘Aspect Ratio’ in ANSYS Meshing. In this article we will explain the;

  • How to see the ‘Aspect Ratio’ mesh metric in ANSYS Meshing?
  • What is ‘Aspect Ratio’ in ANSYS Meshing?

Explanation Of Aspect Ratio Mesh Metric In ANSYS Meshing

Select ‘Aspect Ratio’ mesh metric in ANSYS Meshing.

To see the individual aspect ratios of mesh elements in ANSYS Meshing, click on ‘Mesh’ tab as shown in red box above then select the ‘Aspect Ratio’ as shown by red arrow above in Staristics, Mesh Metric shown in green box.

Aspect ratio informations in ANSYS Meshing.

After selecting the ‘Aspect Ratio’, you can see the minimum, maximum, average and tha stamdard deviation of aspect ratio of mesh structure from in green box above. Also there is a chart that shows the aspect ratio and number of elements for each types of mesh elements that are used in mesh structure in ANSYS.

The ‘Aspect Ratio’ for quadrilaterals and triangles is calculated in different manner as shown below.

Aspect ratio examples of triangle structures in ANSYS Meshing.

As you can see above, the best possible aspect ratio for triangular shapes is 1, en aspect ratio of 1 means equilateral triangle. There is an another aspect ratio example is given above that is 20. You can see it has a very warped geometry compated with other one.

Aspect ratio for quadrilateral structures.

As you see above, the most possible aspect ratio is 1 again for quadrilateral mesh structures in ANSYS. If it is 1 for quadrilaterals, it means this mesh element is square as above. Also if the aspect ratio of a quarilateral element is 20, mesh element is very warped as you see above.

In general, lower aspect ratio means more high quality mesh structures in ANSYS.

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