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Assigning Characters To A Variable In MatLab(Illutstrated Expression)


Assingning characters to variables is very basic process in Matlab. Bu it can be forgotten by Matlab users and they can not remember how was it. Or you are a new learner of Matlab and decided to learn Matlab from Mechanical Base. In this article we will basically show hot to assign characters to variables in Matlab.

How To Assign Characters To Variables In Matlab?

Assigning characters to variables in MatLab.

Basically we created an ‘a’ variable that its value is not an integer or number etc. Its value is ‘mechanicalbase’. So its value is assigned as a characters inside the ‘’. This is the general rule of assigning characters to variables in Matlab.

As you can see by red arrow above that we used a command called ‘size()’ which gives the dimensions of the vector or matrix that typed inside the brackets of this command in Matlab. So we typed the variable ‘a’ inside it, it gave the numbers of 1 and 14 respectively as shown by red box above. This means, Matlab took the variable ‘a’ as 1×14 matrix. ‘mechanicalbase’ word has 14 characters inside it.

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