Automated Tape Laying Machines In Composite Part Production

Tape lying techniques are generally used in the aviation industry to accelerate the laying processes of FRP laminates to produce parts. Because hand lay-up and spray-up can be very slow for serial production manner. And the requirement of the labor force and mastery is a problem for very big industries. 

So, fully-automated tape lying machines are developed to satisfy these requirements of big companies. Here, we summarize the working principle of automated tape laying machines. 

How Does Automated Tape Laying Machines Work?

Application example of an automated tape laying machine(Image Source:

As you understand from its name, automated laying machines are programmable machines that end effector of the machine head is a special laying gun. In this laying gun, FRP is formed as the tape is fed from feedstock as wrapped inside the machine head. And a special knife on the end effector cuts the tape in the required places. 

The path of the robotic machine is programmed with computers. This programming is very tough because of the very accurate programming required to obtain high-quality and uniform products. 

The main advantage of these automated tape laying machines is the no or very less requirement of the workforce, which will save human beings from the hazardous volatile environment. 


The most important users of automated tape-laying machines are the aircraft companies. Aircraft parts and hulls are generally made from FRPs or other kinds of composite materials and production of these materials in serial production manner is very important. So in most aircraft manufacturing sites, these automated tape laying machines are installed. 

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