BLACK&DECKER Price/Performance Cordless Drill Set!

Mechanical Base editors make market surveys to find the best price/performance products for its users. These market surveys are made according to the typical characteristics and expectations for different products. Especially in mechanical tools, you can trust the products that we recommended for you!

Here we are showing another price/performance product; cordless drill machine! 

Cordless drill machines are commonly used in various workshops, garages, professional and hobby places. Also, cordless drills are one of the most used tools in a workshop or garage.

Lots of kinds of duties can be achieved with cordless drills. 

Attaching and detaching mechanical fasteners: If you are a mechanic or a mechanical engineer, mechanical fasteners such as bolts and nuts are your best friends! There are various kinds of standards and sizes of mechanical fasteners, and you need to have all types of tools to disassemble these standards. 

Drilling workpieces: Drilling applications are commonly used in nearly all workshops. You may drill wooden workpieces, metal workpieces, or other types of workpieces to attach standard-sized mechanical fasteners. So, drilled holes on workpieces must comply with the standards. You may need to have all the standards of drill bits.

The price of a cordless drill is also very important for buyers. By considering all these facts, Mechanical Base made a detailed market survey to find out the best cordless drill machine for its users!

BLACK&DECKER Cordless Drill Machine!

As we stated above, the BLACK&DECKER cordless drill machine is the product that you can find from the market, according to the needs stated above!

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Drill & Drill Bit Set, 100 Piece (BDC120VA100) , Orange

If you are interested in BLACK&DECKER cordless drill, you can check it from Amazon, by clicking on the given link above or clicking on the ‘Shop Now’ button above!

Let’s take a look at all the features of the BLACK&DECKER cordless drill!

Long-Lasting Li-on Battery!

The newest battery technology; Lithium-Ion battery technology is used in the battery of the BLACK&DECKER cordless drill. Thanks to this technology, you can use this cordless drill for weeks and months! 

24-Position Clutch!

BLACK&DECKER cordless drill machine includes a 24-position clutch mechanism that prevents the overdriving of your fasteners. Overdriving can ruin both your hole and workpiece. You can trust the BLACK&DECKER cordless drill machine to prevent it!

100 Pieces Of Accessories!

BLACK&DECKER cordless drill comes with 100 pieces of different accessories! Various standards of drill bits will be ideal for all your needs in your workshop! 

Also, there are various sizes and standards of screwdrivers and nut drivers that come with a BLACK&DECKER cordless drill machine!


The package includes brad-point drillbits. Masonry bits will be very useful for your wall and structural applications. HSS drill bits are also very important for drilling metallic workpieces.

In terms of sizes, 1”, 2”, and 3.5” of drill bits are included in the BLACK&DECKER cordless drill package!

Nut drivers And Screwdrivers

The package of BLACK&DECKER cordless drills includes the most common standards of nut drivers and screwdrivers. These driver tips will be very useful for your different mechanical fastener applications! 

All the other required parts such as sockets, spare batteries, bit, and driver assortments are included in the package.


As you know, BLACK&DECKER is one of the biggest producers of these kinds of machines. And the products produced by BLACK&DECKER are high in quality and long in a lifetime. This high-quality cordless drill machine is produced by BLACK&DECKER and this product is the best in terms of price and performance, according to the market surveys that Mechanical Base specialists made!

Both For Professionals And Amateurs!

BLACK&DECKER cordless drill machines can be used in professional workshops and heavy-duty applications for long hours and years! This product will be a very important part of your business! You can be a woodworker, auto mechanic, or from another profession!

Also, you can acquire one of these BLACK&DECKER cordless drill machines for your toolbox or home to use in your casual mending or disassembling applications, for years!


Mechanical Base strongly recommends BLACK&DECKER cordless drill to use in different applications for its users who are professionals or amateurs!

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the BLACK&DECKER cordless drill machine!

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