Changing The Relevance Value Of Mesh Structure In ANSYS Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

Relevance value is very important value to obtain finer meshes. You can adjust according to you physical or engineering system. Also your computational system will be restrictive factor in mesh quality and fineness. In this article we will show you how to change relevance value of mesh structure in ANSYS Mechanical.

How To Change Mesh Relevance Value In ANSYS Mechanical?

Change the Relevance value in ANSYS.

Click on ‘Mesh’ tab as shown in red box above than change the Relevance value of mesh structure as shown by red arrow. You can change with scroll-bar or you can enter a value between -100 and 100.

Click on ‘Update’.

After adjusting the relevance center of mesh structure, right click on ‘Mesh’ tab then click on ‘Update’ button from appeared menu as shown by red arrow above.

Relevance value for meshing is adjusted to -91.

We adjusted the mesh relevance value as -91, and you can see the mesh structure is obtained very coarse way in ANSYS Mechanical.

Adjusting the Relevance value of Mesh to 76.

We adjusted the Relevance value as 76 and the obtained mesh structure is much more finer compared the previous one in ANSYS Mechanical.

So it is very easy to adjust the Relevance value in ANSYS Mechanical.

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