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Circular Pattern Command In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

In this article of Mechanical Base, you will find informations about how to use make circular patterns in Solidworks. Circular pattern can be done by selecting objects to pattern and an axis for patterning around it. Circular pattern is made by Circular Pattern command in Solidworks that we show all of the features of this command in this article.


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How To Use Circular Pattern Command In Solidworks?

Click on Circular Pattern command in Solidworks.

To make a circular pattern of a feature or a body in Solidworks, click on the pop-up menu as shown by green arrow above then click on Circular Pattern command as shown by green box above.

Select the feature or part to be circularly patterned.

You need to select the part that needed to be patterned with Circular Pattern command in Solidworks as shown by green arrow above.

Select the circular pattern axis.

Select the circular pattern axis from drawing scheme of Solidworks. You can select edges, lines or linear features in Solidworks drawing as shown by green arrow above.

Enter angle and instance value for Circular Pattern.

As shown in green box above, you need to enter the angle values between instances and enter a number of instances value that you want. Preview of entered values is being shown by green arrow above.

Selection of Equal Spacing in Circular Pattern.

If you select the Equal Spacing as shown by green arrow above, you need to enter a span angle value and number of instances in this span angle as shown by green arrow again.

Instances to vary in Linear Pattern.

You can select to adjust the values of selected instances individually. To do it, select the instances to vary option in Circular Pattern as shown in green box above, then click on instaces that you want to change its values as shown by red arrows. You can change the angle values etc. of these selected instances as shown by green arrow.

Finish the circular pattern operation.

If you complete the options and adjustments of Circular Pattern, click on the little Yes button as shown by red arrow above.

Circular patterned geometry in Solidworks.

As you an see above, the circular patterned geometry is obtained. The whole instances are united to one part as you can see. If we selected an axis that far away from the main geometry, there will be separate instances from Circular Pattern command in Solidworks.

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