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Column Constant Calculator

Column Constant Calculator


Representation of a column(Src: Machine Elements In Mechanical Design).

What Is Column Constant?

In the strength calculations of columns, column constant value is used to decide which type of analysis will be used. Column constant is calculated like below;

As you see above, column constant is represented by Cc. In this equation, Sy is the yield strength of column material. And E is the elasticity modulus of column material.

To make decision for analyses to be used, you need to compare the column constant value with slenderness ratio.

If the slenderess ratio is bigger than column constant, the column is being calculated is considered as short column. For short columns, Euler’s equation must be used.

If the slenderess ratio is smaller than column constant, the column is being calculated is considered as long column. For long columns, J.B. Johnsons’s formula must be used.

How To Use Column Constant Calculator?

The use of column constant calculator is very easy like above. Just enter the elasticity modulus E and tensile strength Sy of column material into the boxes as shown by red arrows above. Then click on ‘Calculate!’ button. If you want to do another calculation, click on ‘Reset’ button.

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In here, your units must be consistent. If you use unconsistent units for E and Sy, your calculations will be incorrect. For example, the unit of E is the Pa = kg m−1 s−2. So you need to use unit of N.m/s^2 for yield strentgh.

If you have unconsistent units, you can use MB-Unit Converter tool to convert your units to obtain consistent unit sets.

Mechanical Base does not accept any responsiblity for your calculations done here.

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