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MechanicalBase-Community Guidelines
MechanicalBase-Community Guidelines

In order to have a certain status in society, it is necessary to grow up from childhood. It is lived so that it does not happen, and you live in society. While the digital environment is so advanced, it is only necessary to take advantage of the above, aggregation on social media and on platforms from the field. It can be digital design, it can be an environment, we can meet in a different way in a more understandable way.
There are social and many digital content compilations available on news sites. This book is taken away from the ideal as it spoils the enjoyment of writing. Especially to draw attention to children while publishing and commenting on the news site.
What are Community Guidelines on Digital Platform News Sites?
• must be appropriate.
• abusive curses, abusive curses. While you’re in it like this, it will scrutinize everyone and hinder you.
• I do not want to comment on the religion, origin, social, class view, physical view and similar states of people around the world. It is also unthinkable to make comments about criminal, violent and content content.
• You can take advantage of the people who can benefit from the people who can benefit from the people who can benefit from the people who like the membership model, and the people who can benefit from the people who can benefit from the personal use.
• Disparaging, insulting and slang expressions and warnings of individuals or societies will generally not be kept on the site and their nitro will be deleted.
• He should receive a better speaking education.
• You are not allowed to use minor or completely minor in comments. The letter to be considered should not be used.
• All comments made on the site must be in Turkish.
• It is necessary to pay attention to spelling and spelling as much as possible in the written comments.
• Copyright or commercial purposes will never be allowed.
• It is forbidden to send spam messages, even if they are not sent in the same message, no reply will be given.
• The use of provocative names is prohibited.

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