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Contact Stress Calculator For Spur Gears

Like bending stress, contact stress is also a very important parameter to calculate the safety of the spur gear mates. Here, you will find detailed information about the contact stress safety calculations for spur gears.

Contact Stress Calculator For Spur Gear Mates

As you can see above, there are lots of coefficients and inputs to calculate contact stress of a spur gear mate. You just need to enter the all inputs inside brackets then click on ‘Calculate!’ button to calculate contact stress.

If you want to do another kind of calculation, click on the ‘Reset’ button to re-calculate the contact ratio value.

Recommended unit sets for each input are typed inside brackets. You can use this Sı unit set. If you have another unit set such as US Customary, you can convert your units to another unit sets by using the MB-Unit Converter tool.

How To Define All The Parameters Of Contact Stress Calculation?

Here you can find definitions of all the parameters required to calculate the contact stress of a spur gear mate.

Velocity Of Pinion

This is the circumferential velocity of pinion gear which is calculated at the pitch diameter. 

Velocity Of Gear

Gear velocity is the output gear’s pitch diameter circumferential velocity.

Elasticity Modulus Of Gear And Pinion Gears

Materials of gears can differ from each other. And all the engineering materials have elasticity modulus values. Enter the elasticity modulus values inside the brackets.

Face Width Of Contact

Face width is a very important parameter for spur gear mates. Enter the face width value inside the brackets.

Pinion And Gear Diameter

These are the diameter values of each pinion and gear pitch diameters.

Pressure Angle

In general, pressure angle values are provided from gear manufacturer data. Enter the pressure angle of gears in the spur gear set.


In Mechanical Base, you can find out the required information about these all factors related to spur gear sets. Specify all these factors then enter them inside brackets.

Total Load

In general, there are three forces are acting to spur gear teeth and the resultant of these three loads is called the total load. Enter the total load value inside brackets.

Click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to see results!


We prepared this calculator to make easy the calculation of contact stress between specific sput gear mates.

Mechanical Base does not accept any responsibility for calculations made by users in calculators. A good engineer must check calculations again and again.

You can find out much more calculators like in Mechanical Base! Take a look at the other engineering calculators available in Mechanical Base!

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