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Creating 3D Graphs With Projections Effectively In MatLab


Matlab offers lots of commands to create various kinds of 3D graphs and all of these commands are explained in Mechanical Base. In here, we explain a special command to create 3D graphs and projections of these graphs on specified plane in Matlab. This command is called ‘meshc()’ command.

How To Use ‘meshc()’ Command In Matlab?


Creating 3D graphs and projections are very easy in Matlan with meshc() command as you see above. First of all, you need to create two of vectors with meshgrid() command as shown by blue arrow above. These vectors are created and will be used for 3D domain to illustrated 3D graph on it.

Then you need to type an equation or polynomial by using these 2 created vectors with meshgrid() command, as shown in blue box above. So you have three elements to obtain 3D graph matematically, that two of them vector variables, and other one is equation that dependent on these two variables.

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What you need to do finally is, just type these three elements in meshc() command in Matlab as shown by green arrow. The last element will be the ‘plane’ that projection of created 3D graph will be projected as shown by red arrow above. In this example, this plane is ‘Z’ plane, which we typed it lastly in meshc() command.

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Also you can add titles, legends and other graph elements into your 3D graph in Matlab. Also you can pan, rotate etc. this graph with your mouse. Click on given link and see how to do this in Matlab.

Creating 3D graphs with projections in Matlab is very easy like above with meshc() command. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about drawing 3D graphs with projections with meshc() command in Matlab below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.

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