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Creating 3D Plot Surface Domains From Vectors In Matlab(Illustrated Expression)


3D illustrations and graphs are very important in data analyses. To plot 3D graphs, you need to have 3 of variables. To plot 3D graphs in Matlab, you need to create 3D plot area and surface first. You can do this in Matlab with ‘meshgrid()’ command. In here, we show you how to create 3D plot surfaces in Matlab with ‘meshgrid()’ command.

How To Use ‘meshgrid()’ Command In Matlab?

Use of ‘meshgrid()’ command in Matlab.

As we stated above, you need to have 3 variables to plot 3D graphs. So you need to have two independent variable sets as vectors, for example ‘x’ and ‘y’ here we created as shown in green box above. Your third variable must be dependent on these variables. So, to illustrate the third variable that changes according to ‘x’ and ‘y’, you need to create 3D domain to show this change.

This 3D domain is created with the help of two ‘x’ and ‘y’ variables with ‘meshgrid()’ command in Matlab. This domain constitutes ‘X’ and ‘Y’ matrices that are created with dimensions of ‘x’ and ‘y’ vectors. We just typed ‘X’ and ‘Y’ result matrices as shown by green arrows, which will be our matrice domains as shown by blue arrows. Then we equate this with ‘meshgrid()’ command, and typed ‘x’ and ‘y’ vectors inside that command as shown by red arrow above. Domain matrices are created.

  • The scale of vector ‘y’, defines the row number of ‘X’.
  • The scale of vector ‘x’ defines the column number of ‘Y’.
  • Columns of ‘X’ is the elements of vector ‘x’.
  • Rows of ‘Y’ is the elements of ‘y’.

The logic behind the creation of domain matrices of 3D plots in Matlab with ‘meshgrid()’ command is like that. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ‘meshgrid()’ command in Matlab below. Your feedback is very important for us.

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