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Creating A Plane In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show you how to create a Plane in Soldworks. In general, planes can be required to obtain needed geometries or sketches on them. So Solidworks provides very extensive plane creation tool. We will show the all features of this Plane command in Solidworks. Also you can find lots of informative articles like this about Solidworks commands and Solidworks settings in Mechanical Base. Visit the main page!

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How To Use Plane Command In Solidworks?

Solidworks Plane creation is very extensive. There is actually no exact plane creation method inside the Plane command in Solidworks.

Select Plane creation referances.

To create Planes in Solidworks, you need to select proper referances according to your wish. The command give you proper options or errors according to your referance selections for Plane. You can select whatever you want from the drawing scheme of Solidworks, edges, faces, bodies, planes, points etc.

For example we selected two of faces of cylinder as shown above, and a plane is created middle of them. 

Rebuild error in Plane command.

For example, if you click on Perpendicular options as shown by green arrow above, you will receive a Rebuild Error. So you need to select your referances and options complying with geometrical rules. Also you do not need to select the 3 of referances in one time.

Selecting points as referances.

For example again, we selected three points separately as three referances as shown by green arrows above, a plane is created that passes from these points with Plane command in Solidworks.

Planar object selection.

For example also, we selected the one face of the cylinder as shown by green box above and entered plane number value of 5 as you can see with green arrow. The 5 of planes are created as you can see in Solidworks.

So you can select your referances in various kinds o combinations to obtain your required plane in Solidworks.

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