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Creating An Axis In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

How to create axes in Solidworks? Sometimes when you making your 3D designs in Solidworks, you could have a requirement to obtain a proper axis from a special feature in your design. Solidworks’ flexible Axis creation command would help you to do it. In this content we will show you how to create axes in Solidworks with Axis command.


How To Use Axis Command In Solidworks?

Click on Axis command.

To create axes in Solidworks, click on the Axis command as shown by green arrow above after opening the pop-up manu beneath the Referance Geometry tab in Solidworks.

Axis creation methods in Axis command.

These are the axis creation methods in Solidworks. You do not need to select one of them. Select your referance geometry in drawing scheme of Solidworks, then the required method will be selected. But also you can select one of them as shown by green box above.

One Line/Edge/Axis: You can select a line edge or axis to create an axis from it in Solidworks.

Two Planes: You can select two intersecting planes to create an axis at their intersections in Solidworks.

Two Points/Vertices: You can create an axis that passing through two points or vertices that selected by you.

Point and Face/Plane: You can choose a plane and a point to create an axis that starts from the plane and pass through the point in Solidworks.

Intersection of selected planes in Axis command.

For example we created an axis as shown by green arrow above only by selecting Top Plane and Right Plane. The intersection line is converted as axis as you can see above in Solidworks. And also Two Planes method is automaticaly selected.

Selection of 2 points fo Axis command in Solidworks.

We created an axis by slecting only 2 of points as shown by green arrows above. The Two Points/Vertices is automatically selected and our axis is created above in Solidworks with Axis command.

Selecting conical face for Axis command in Solidworks.

Also we selected an conical face as shown by green arrow above, and axis that passes through its center is created. Cylindrica Conical Face method is automatically activated in Axis command at Solidworks.

Selecting Point and Face for Axis command.

We selected the point as shown by green arrow above and the Right Plane that shown by red arrow above. Axis is created as you can see above in Solidworks. And Point and Face/Plane is automarically selected in Axis command.

So Axis command is very flexible and extensive, easy to use in Solidworks.

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