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Creating Random Numbers In MatLab

In some cases, you must use randomly created numbers in your codes in Matlab. To do it, you can use ‘rand()’ command in Matlab to obtain matrices and vectors that has randomly created numbers inside their elements. In here, we explain how to use ‘rand()’ command in Matlab.

How To Use ‘rand()’ Command In MatLab?

>> rand(6)
 %first example
 %second example
a = 10.*rand(1)
 %third example

ans =

    0.1190    0.7513    0.5472    0.8143    0.6160    0.9172
    0.4984    0.2551    0.1386    0.2435    0.4733    0.2858
    0.9597    0.5060    0.1493    0.9293    0.3517    0.7572
    0.3404    0.6991    0.2575    0.3500    0.8308    0.7537
    0.5853    0.8909    0.8407    0.1966    0.5853    0.3804
    0.2238    0.9593    0.2543    0.2511    0.5497    0.5678

ans =

    0.0759    0.7792    0.5688    0.3371    0.3112    0.6020
    0.0540    0.9340    0.4694    0.1622    0.5285    0.2630
    0.5308    0.1299    0.0119    0.7943    0.1656    0.6541

a =


The use of ‘rand()’ command to produce random numbers in Matlab is very simple. As you see in the first example of the use of ‘rand()’ command above, we created 6×6 matrix as you see at first answer in command window. The numer of ‘6’ creates 6×6 matrix that has randomly created elements inside it.

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In second example, 3×6 matrix is created. So the numbers ‘3’ and ‘6’ means, 3×6 matrix creation in Matlab, which has randomly created elements inside it.

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You might understand that, ‘rand()’ command creates a random number between 0 and 1. But for example, you want to obtain a random number between 0 and 10. What you need to do is, just multiplicate the ‘rand()’ command like in third example above. You can create a single randomly created number by typing ‘1’ inside the ‘rand()’ command.

Take a look at the answers respectively to check the results respectively.

As you see above, the ‘rand()’ command is very useful and very easy to use in Matlab. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ‘rand()’ command in Matlab.

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