Cursor Selection Modes And Viewing In ANSYS Mechanical

The interface of ANSYS geometry window is somewhat different from other CAD softwares. Controlling the view of a geometry is different in ANSYS Mechanical. But in here, we will show you the shortcut to show different views of geometries in ANSYS Mechanical and we will show you how to select different features from geometry window of ANSYS in short way.

How To Adjust The View Of Geometries In ANSYS Mechanical?

Selecting different views in ANSYS Mechanical.

Selection of different view options in ANSYS Mechanical geometry window is very easy. You just need to right click on a geometry in ANSYS Mechanical window, then hover your mouse on ‘View’ section as shown by red arrow above. Then select one of view options such as; Front, Right, Back, Left, Top, Bottom.

In general, these views are enough to view a side of the geometry. But you need to aware about where is the bottom, where is the top at your geometry.

Isometric View is the most general view option in ANSYS geometry window, that you can directly select it by right clicking on geometry window.

Cursor mode options in ANSYS Mechanical.

As you see above, you can see the cursor mode option by right clicking on geometry window in ANSYS Mechanical. You can select vertexes, edges, faces or bodies by selecting one of these options. This is the short way to do it.

If you select the ‘Hit Point Coordinate’ option, you can see the coordinates of where you clicked on your geometry window.


Also you already know the options of pan, rotate, zoom, box zoom in most other softwares. You can do them in ANSYS Mechanical in this way.

Viewing, orientating and selecting of geometries in ANSYS Mechanical şs very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about viewing, orientating and selecting of geometries in ANSYS Mechanical below. You precious feedbacks are very important for us.

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