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Curve Driven Pattern In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

In this text, we will show you how to make patterns that have paths non-linear sketches or features in Solidworks. Solidworks provides a tool named Curve Driven Pattern to obtain patterns guided with non-linear paths. You will learn how to use curve driven pattern to obtain these kinds of pattern structures in Solidworks.


How To Use Curve Driven Pattern Command In Solidworks?

Click on Curve Driven Pattern command in Solidworks.

To obtain patterns that mentioned above, click on the pop-up menü as shown by green arrow above then click on Curve Driven Pattern command in green box.

Select path and geometry for Curve Driven Pattern tool.

After entering to the Curve Driven Pattern command in Solidworks, select the driving curve as shown by green arrow above, then select the geometry that will be patterned such as bodies or features and faces as shown by red arrow.

Enter the number of instances and distance between instances in Curve Driven Pattern command.

After selecting the path and the body in Solidworks for Curve Driven Pattern command, enter the number of instances as shown by red box above then enter the value of distance between instances as shown by green box. This value is distance between geometrical centers of instances.

Selecting align to seed in Curve Driven Pattern.

If you select the Align to seed in Curve Driven Pattern command as shown by green box above, the alignment will be like above in Solidworks.

Selecting the Tangent to curve in Curve Driven Pattern.

Also you can select the Tangent to curve in Curve Driven Pattern command as shown in green box above. You sen notice the difference between the two of alignment options from the aligned instances in Solidworks.

Instances to skip.

You can select individual instances to skip from the green box region in Curve Driven Pattern command. Instances are selected as shown by green arrows above to skip them in Solidworks.

Complete the Curve Driven Pattern in Solidworks.

If you complete your adjustments in Curve Driven Pattern, click on the little yes symbol to exit from the command.

Use of Curve Driven Pattern in Solidworks is easy like that.

Obtained pattern geometry with Curve Driven Pattern.

You can see the obtained geometry above in Solidworks by using Curve Driven Pattern.

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