Defining Remote Force As A Time Function In ANSYS Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

In this article of Mechanical Basei we will show you how to define Remote Force as time function in ANSYS Mechanical. As forces, Remote Force also can be assigned as time-dependent function. This means that you can model the physical systems very realistically. Remote Force is a boundry coundition in finite element analysis(FEA) that is very important to assign correctly.


How To Define Time-Dependent Remote Force In ANSYS Mechanical?

Click on Remote Force

To add or apply time-dependent Remote Force on a geometry in ANSYS Mechanical, you need to right click on analysis system(Static Structural in here) and hover the cursor on Insert button as shown by red arrow above. Click on Remote Force as shown by red box from the list.

Select the geometric feature.

Select the geometric feature to apply Remote Force as a time-dependent function then click Apply on Geometry tab as shown by red arrow above.

Enter your Remote Force place in X, Y and Z.

You could define the time-dependent remote force’s place in 3D space by entering X, Y and Z coordinates in ANSYS Mechanical.  We entered 5, 5 and 10 mm of coordinates respectively.

Select the Function method to define time-dependent Remote Force in ANSYS Mechanical.

You can define Remote Force as Components or Vector and also you can select this from Define By section above. We selected Vector for our example here. Click on little pop-up menu as shown by green arrow above then click on Function as shown in green box above to define time-dependent Remote Force in ANSYS Mechanical.

Enter the function of Remote Force in ANSYS Mechanical.

From Magnitude section of the Remote Force, you can enter the time function of Remote Force by using the variable of “time” as in green box above. You can see the results of this function with changing time from the Tabular Data as shown by green arrow.

Select the direction of time-dependent Remote Force.

Select the direction of Remote Force as a function format as shown in green box above. Then click on Apply button as shown by green arrow at Direction section.

Enter the Number Of Segments value of time-dependent Remote Force.

Enter the segmentation of Tabular Data that will define the row number. The time between 0-1 second will be divided to Number Of Segments. You can see the result of number of segments on Tabular Data as shown by green arrow above.

Time values and remote force values on Tabular Data.

You can see the time values on each row of Tabular Data as shown in green box above, also you can see the Force values that defined according to these time values from function that you defined.

As you can see the definition of time-dependent remote force is very easy in ANSYS Mechanical.

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