Definition Of Distributed Mass On A Geometry In ANSYS Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

Distributed mass definition feature of ANSYS is very useful thing that you can assign various mass values to various geometric features inside ANSYS Mechanical. So mass value not depend on the material properties because you can enter whatever you want. Mass is very important boundry condition in finite element methods(FEM), definition of is correctly is very vital.

How To Define Distributed Mass On A Geometry In ANSYS Mechanical?

Click on Distributed Mass in ANSYS Mechanical.

To add Distributed Mass to a geometry in ANSYS Mechanical, right click on models that inside the geometry tab in Mechanical Tree, hover your mouse on ‘Insert’ tab as shown by red arrow then click on ‘Distributed Mass’ as shown in red box.

Select the geometric features to add distributed mass in ANSYS Mechanical.

After opening a Distributed Mass, select your geometric features such as bodies, faces, edges, vertexes etc. In this example, we selected the three of faces as above. After the selection of geometries, click on ‘Apply’ button as shown by red arrow above.

Select a mass definition type.

You can define the distributed mass in two ways;

Total Mass: You can enter a mass value to the selected geometries in ANSYS Mechanical.

Mass per Unit Area: You can define your mass per unit area, and the total mass is calculated according to your geometry’s area.

Enter the mass value of selected geometries in ANSYS Mechanical.

Enter a mass value as shown in red box above. The mass will be defined as shown by green arrow above.

The definition of Distributed Mass in ANSYS Mechanical is simple like that.

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