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Drawing 2D Spirals In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

Spirals can represent very important things in technical drawings such as springs. So we want to explain how to draw spirals in Autocad 2D with a very basic example below.

How To Use ‘Helix’ Command In AutoCAD 2D?

Click on ‘Helix’ command in Autocad.

To draw spirals in Autocad, click on ‘Draw’ pop-up menu as shown by red arrow above. Then click on ‘Helix’ command as in red box.

Specify the starting radius of your spiral in Autocad.

After entering into the ‘Helix’ command, click to define the center point of your spiral as shown by red arrow. Then you need to enter a starting radius value by entering a value or by clicking with your mouse as shown by green arrows. 

Specify your second radius for spiral geometry.

The first radius value that you specified in previous step was the one that is shown by red arrow above. You need to specify a second radius value that the spiral geometry will be created between these radius values in Autocad.

Three options to create spiral geometry in Autocad.

There are three parameter that you can define for your spiral geometry in Autocad;

  • Turns: If you click on that option, you can enter the number of turns for your spiral geometry between specified radius values above in Autocad.
  • Turn Height: If you select this option, you can enter a value that will be the distance between each turns.
  • Twist: If you click on that option in ‘Helix’ command, you can specify your turning direction as;
    • CW: Clockwise.
    • CCW: Counterclockwise.
Click on ‘Axis endpoint’ option in ‘Helix’ command.

If you click on ‘Axis endpoint’ option, you can obtain shapes like above in Autocad.

The use of ‘Helix’ command to create spiral geometries in Autocad is very simple like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ‘Helix’ command in Autocad below!

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