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Drawing Lines Effectively In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

We made this post fort he newbies of Autocad who are learning Autocad from zero. In this paper we will show how to obtain Lines in Autocad and how to use Line command in Autocad. Drawing Line in Autocad is a very esetial thing to obtain drawings or mechanical technical drawing by using Autocad 2D tools. Take a look that how to use Line command to draw Lines in Autocad.


How To Draw Lines In Autocad?

Open the Line command.

To draw line in Autocad, you need to open the Line command as shown by red arrow above in the Draw section of the interface of Autocad.

Specify the fitst point of your line.

After opening the Line command in Autocad, you need to specify your starting point of your line from the drawing scheme of Autocad as shown above.

Enter a length value for your Line.

After specifying the first point of the Line in Autocad, you can enter a lenght value directly to your Line as shown above. Also you can specify next point of your Line in Autocad.

Specify the angle of your line.

Also you can specify the angle of your line after specifying the lenght of the line after clicking on Tab button. Also youı can directly specify your line’s angle by pushing to the Tab button from your keyboard.

You can see the little lock symbol appeared next to the length of the Line means that you specified your length and need to specify your angle value.

You can obtain succesive lines in one command

After opening the Line command in Autocad, you can obtain succesive lines as shown above directly from a one command.

This is simple like that to obtain lines from Line command in Autocad.

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