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Drawing Parabola In Solidworks Sketching(Illustrated Expression)


In this text of Mechanical Base we will explain how to draw parabolas in Solidworks sketching with Parabola command. Parabola command is very useful command to obtain required sketches to obtain 3D geometries from them in Solidworks.

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How To Draw Parabola In Solidworks Sketching?

Click on Parabola command.

To draw parabolas in Solidworks sketching, click on little pop-up menu as shown by blue arrow above then click on Parabola command as in blue box above.

Select a proper plane or surface for Parabola.

After entering to the Parabola command in Solidworks, select a proper plane or feature surface to draw a parabola.

Select the focal point for Parabola.

After selecting a surface or plane to draw parabola, click to select your desired point for parabola focal point as shown by blue arrow above in Solidworks sketching.

Select the definition point of parabola in Solidworks sketching.

Select the definition point of parabola as shown by blue arrow above. The parabola will be defined from this point up to other selected point.

Select the end point of parabola in Solidworks sketching.

After selecting the first definition point on parabola curve as shown by blue arrow above, select the end point as shown by green arrow in sketch plane.

Obtained parabola curve with Parabola command.

This is the obtained parabola geometry with Parabola command in Solidworks sketching.

Click on For Construction.

If you select the ‘For Construction’ option as in green box above, the drawn geometry will be as shown by green arrow in Solidworks.

Define the parabola parameters manually as above.

Also you can define the parabola patameters manually as above in Solidworks sketching.

Green box: Starting point X and Y locations of parabola.

Red Box: Ending point locations of parabola.

Blue Box: Focal point X and Y location values of parabola.

Orange Box: Peak point X and Y point locations of parabola.

These values can be interdependent to each other.

Drawing of parabola with Parabola command in Solidworks is very easy like that!

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