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Drilling Counterbored Hole In Siemens NX(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show you how to obtain standard-sized counterbored hole in parts of Siemens NX. You know that the standard holes are generaly used in machine parts and also counterbored hole are generally used for bolt assemblies in mechanical systems. Siemens NX has a special tool to obtain these standard size holes. We start with the how to drill standard counterbored holes to parts by using Hole command in Siemens NX.


How To Drill Counterbored Hole In Siemens NX?

Click on the Hole command.

To drill standard-size counterbored hole to parts in Siemens NX, you need to click on the Hole command as shown by red arrow above.

Select the hole locations to drill standard counterbored holes.

You need to specify hole locations on Siemens NX part by clicking on Points dialog as shown by red arrow above.

Select hole locations by clicking on the part.

You need to select the whole hole locations that you want to drill counterbored geometry, you need to just click on the locations as shown b red arrows above. After you finished it, click on Finsh button as shown by red box above in Siemens NX.

Select counterbored form.

To drill counterbored holes on Siemens NX parts, select the Counterbored form from the Form And Dimensions tab as shown by red box above.

Adjust the geometric dimensions of counterbored geometry.

You need to specify your own counterbored hole dimensions in Siemens NX;

C-Bore Diameter: It is the top side diameter of counterbore as shown by red arrow.

C-Bore Depth: It is the depth of top side of counterbore as shown by blue arrow.

Diameter: It is the main body of counterbore size as shown by green arrow.

Depth: It is sum of depth the whole counterbored hole as shown by magenta arrow.

Tip Angle: The angle of cone o the drilled counterbore hole as shown by turquoise arrow.

You can select Depth Limit.

You can select a Depth Limit method to drill counterbored holes:

Value: Enter a depth value for counterbored hole.

Until Selected: It drills the hole up to selected feature.

Until Next: It drills the counterbored hole up to Next feature.

Through Body: It drill the whole body that counterbored geometry belongs.

Select one of them.

You can adjust the depth of the counterbored hole as shown in red box above;

Cylinder Bottom: 40mm depth will be adjusted according to the cylinder bottom.

Cone Tip: 40mm depth will be adjusted according to the cone tip.

After you done with the adjustments for your counterbored hole driling operation in Siemens NX, click OK or Apply to complete it.

Counterbored holes.

You can see above, counterbored geometries are obtained by using Hole command in Siemens NX.

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