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Editing Matrices And Vectors At Variable Editor In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)


After creating vectors or matrics in Matlab, you can edit them in Variable Editor which is like Excel tables. It is very easy to edit the matrices and vectors in Matlab Variable Editor, and in this article we will show how to edit matrices and vectors in Variable Editor in Matlab with a very basic example below.

How To Use Matlab Variable Editor?

Opening the Variable Editor for a matrice in Matlab.

To open the Variable Editor for a variable in Matlab, for example you created a vector as shown by blue arrow above in Command Window. The vector will be appeared Workspace as shown by green arrow above. If you double click on that variable, the Variable Editor for that matrix will open as shown by red arrow.

As you see, Variable Editor in Matlab is like the Excel tables. You can edit your variable from this table in a very basic way.

Matlab Variable Editor interface.

You can edit your variable as above. If you right click on a specific cell on your table in Variable Editor, there will a little table appear as shown in red box. You can do row and column operations such as adding columns, or deleting rows or columns etc.

You can take the transpoze of the variable if you click on ‘Transpose Variable’ option on that little menu.

Select the whole variable by dragging your mouse.

Also you can select the all table value of your variable as above example by clicking and dragging your mouse like in Excel. If you right click after that, same menu will appear as shown by red arrow above in Matlab. You can Cut or Copy these informations, also if you have an cut or copied informations, you can Paste it.

So the use of ‘Matlab Variable Editor’ is very easy like Excel. Leave your comments and questions about ‘Matlab Variable Editor’ below!

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