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Editing Or Changing Units Of Dimensions In AutoCAD

Autocad is a very useful software to create 2D technical drawings. In technical drawings, selected unit set is also very important. Even, shown decimals are also very important. In here, we explain how to change dimension units and decimals in Autocad.

How To Adjust Dimensions And Units Of AutoCAD Dimensions?

Click on ‘Manage Dimension Styles…’ in Autocad.

To open the options for dimensions in Autocad, click on ‘Annotation’ then click on line standard which is ‘ISO-25’ above, then click on ‘Manage Dimesion Styles…’ as shown by green arrow above.

Dimension Style Manager In Autocad.

After clicking on ‘Manage Dimension Styles’ in Autocad, window like above will be opened. You can see the all the dimension style in the list that is shown in red box. Also you can do adjustments on these dimension styles with option in green box above in Autocad.

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If you click on ‘New’, button you can create your own dimension style in Autocad and, if you click on ‘Modify…’ button, you can edit the selected dimension style from list.

‘Primary Units’ options for dimensions in Autocad.

When you click on ‘Modify…’ button, there will be a screen like above appeared. Click on ‘Primary Units’ section from this window to see unit options for dimension style in Autocad.

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You can make adjustments for both angular dimensions and linear dimensions as shown in red and blue boxes above. At ‘Unit Format’ section as shown by red arrow, you can select the units that are avaliable in Autocad; Scientific, Engineering, Decimal, Architectural, Fractional, Windows Desktop.

From ‘Precision’ section, you can adjust the number of digits that will be shown after the comma. You can adjust it up to 8 digits of number after comma.


Also you can adjust the decimal separator which is comma by default. You can adjust it as point and space. Also you can adjust round off option that up to entered or selected decimal, or number, this will be rounded into the closest number as shown in green box above.

You can add constant suffixes and prefixes on your linear dimensions in Autocad. The entered values or strings will be automatically appeared at your linear dimensions as suffix or prefix in Autocad as shown by blue arrows above.

You can adjust the measurement scale that you can enter a scale value, which will affect your dimensions with the fraction of that scale in Autocad as shown in magenta box.

You can adjust units format and precision for angular dimensions in Autocad as shown in blue box.

Zero suppression option is the suppression of unnecessary zeros at trailing or leading side of dimension number. For example, if you select ‘Trailing’, 0.005000 will be suppressed as 0.005. If you select ‘Leading’, 0.005 will be suppressed as .005.

Click on ‘OK2 button to save adjustments that you done in ‘Modify Dimension Style’ options in Autocad.

Adjustments of units of dimensions in Autocad is very simple like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about modifying units of dimensions in Autocad below. Your precious feedbacks are veyr important for us.

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