Emre Husmen’s Tesla Truck Extrior Design

Emre Husmen is very talented Turkish car designer and he has lots of own car designs for various brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. Also Emre Husmen designed a pickup truck for Tesla. This design has very futuristic details in it. You know that the last release of Tesla Truck’s design that Elon Musk introduced, this design that made by Emre Husmen is very promising.

Car exterior design for specific brands such as Mercedes, Tesla etc.  is not an easy business. Every brand has it’s own style and generally if you see a car that you never seen before, you need to recognise that brand from it’s design. We think that this Tesla Truck design from Emre Husmen carches the Tesla’s ‘style’. It says “I am Tesla!”. Take a look at photos below and make your comment about it!

Also you can visit Emre Husmen’s instagram page to see other exterior car designs of him; https://www.instagram.com/emrehusmen/

Emre Hüsmen Car Design  Dizayn For Tesla
The Tesla Truck design that made by Emre Husmen.

This is the front view of Emre Husmen’s Tesla Truck design that we think it is very benevolent. We can say againt it says; “I am Tesla!”.

Emre Hüsmen Car Design  Dizayn For Tesla
Back-view of Emre Husmen’s Tesla Truck design.

Haulage of this Tesla Truck design is very impacting!

But curvy design of side section of Tesla Truck could be rigorous to produce or use…

Emre Hüsmen Car Design  Dizayn For Tesla
Gray color of Husmen’s Tesla Truck design.
Blue color…Meh 🙂

We think that blue is not suitable for this design of Tesla Truck that made by Emre Husmen… Bu it is important to see in other colors this design.

Black… It is our favourite color as Mechanical Base. Hey Mr. Husmen we want to order one these blak Tesla Trucks!

A fantastic render photo of Husmen’s design.

Roaming around the cith with this Tesla Truck make other people to look aside to this car.

It is very straightforward that Emre Husmen is very skilled car designer and he knows how to give a specific car brand style to him car exterior designs…

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