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Engineering Calculator: Hoop And Longitudinal Stress Calculator At Pressure Tanks And Pipes

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What Is Hoop And Longitudinal Stress At Tubes And Pipes?

Section of a pipe or tube(Robert L. Moth: Machine Elements In Mechanical Design).

At pipes and tubes, there can be stress on the surface because of internal pressure. Because of this phenomenon, thickness, diameter and other parameters of designed pipes or tubes must withstand these stresses. To desigg pipes or tubes in terms of internal pressure, you need to select proper thickness, diameter and material. So you need to do stress calculation for external stress on surface of pipe.

There are two types of surface stress originates from internal pressure in pipes or tubes; Longitudinal and Hoop stresses. You need to calculate these stresses from obtained design parameters such as; diameter and thickness of pipe or tube. Then you need to compare the results with materials maximum stress values that is considered with safety factor. Hoop and longitudinal stresses are calculated with;

Hoop stress formula.
Longitudinal stress formula.

As you see above formulas;

p: Internal pressure,

D: Diameter of pipe,

t: Thickness of pipe.

All these parameters are illustrated above illustration.

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How To Use Hoop And Longitudinal Stress Calculator?

As a good engineer or scientist, you need to TAKE CARE ABOUT YOUR UNITS in calculations. You need to select your proper units for calculator to obtain correct hoop and longitudinal stress results. Otherwise, all the calculations will be wrong because of improper unit set selection.

What you need to do is very basic. Just enter the required parameters, internal pressure(P), diameter(D) and thickness(T) respective in both Hoop and Longitudinal stress calculator.

Units can be; N/mm^2 for P, mm for D, mm for T and N/mm^2 for example. Consistency of units for stress calculator is most important thing.

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