Explicit Shape Checking In ANSYS Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

Explicit dynamics is frequently used systems in Finite Element Methods(FEA). So these kinds of systems requires very specific meshing types and features. These meshing fetures and types are provided by ANSYS Meshing. And it is very important to adjust the meshing according to Explicit Dynamics analyses in ANSYS Meshing. So one of the options to adjust the mesh structure according to the explicit systems in ANSYS Meshing is setting the Explicit Shape Checking. In this article we will show you;

  • What is Explicit Shape Checking in ANSYS Meshing,
  • How the Explicit Shape Checking is adjusted in ANSYS Mechanical,
  • Where to use Explicit Shape Checking in ANSYS Mechanical.

Explicit Shape Checking Criterion In ANSYS Meshing

Explicit Shape Checking in ANSYS Mechanical.

The default Shape Checking criterion in ANSYS Mechanical is Standard Mechanical option. You can adjust the Shape Checking criterion as Explicit as shown by red arrow above.

The Explicit Shapa Checking is using shape checking criterion based on Jacobian ratio and element volume which is special to Explicit analyses in ANSYS Mechanical. As it’s name implies that it is recommended to use in Explixit Dynamics analyses and other explicit analyses in ANSYS Mechanical.

Select the Explicit for Physics Preference in ANSYS Mechanical.

It is also strongly recommended to select the Physics Reference to ‘Explicit’ as shown by red arrow above in ANSYS Meshing.

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