Exporting Geometries From ANSYS Mechanical

From ANSYS Mechanical, you can export geometry to outside in your computer. But this geometry is not openable in each kind of CAD softwares. File type of the exported geometry is .pmdb which is not a ordinaey CAD file. In here, we will explain how to export ANSYS Mechanical geometries in .pmdb extension.

How To Export ANSYS Mechanical Geometries?

Click on ‘Export’ in ANSYS Mechanical.

To export ANSYS Mechanicak geometries, just right click on ‘Geometry’ inside ‘Model’ tab as shown by red arrow above. And hover your mouse on ‘Export…’ section as shown by green arrow then click on ‘Geometry’. If you have multiple geometries in ANSYS Mechanical such as assembies, you can export all of them by exporting ‘Geometry’ like above.

If you want to export an individual geometry such as a part of an assembly, you can only export that part by right clicking on it in ANSYS Mechanical.

Save your geometry as .pmdb format.

After cliking on ‘Export’ button, enter the name of your part as shown by green arrow above then you can see in green box, you can only export and save your ANSYS Mechanical geometries as .pmdb part. Then select your file directory to save it. Finally click on ‘Save’.

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.pmdb format of ANSYS Mechanical geoımetry files can be opened in SpaceClaim and DesignModeler CAD tools of ANSYS. You can edit your geometries in these tool, and import them into ANSYS Mechanical again.

Work points, material data, spot weld and thing like coordinate systems are not exported in .pmdb file.


Exporting geometries in ANSYS Mechanical is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about exporting geometry file from ANSYS Mechanical below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.

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