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Fatigue Options In ANSYS Mechanical


Fatigue is a very important thing in engineering, especially in design engineering. Also ANSYS provides, Fatigue tools to calculate or design your system according to a standard life cycle. In here, we will show you the fatigue options in ANSYS that you can change or edit them.

How To Adjust Fatigue Options In ANSYS Mechanical?

Fatigue options in ANSYS Mechanical.

Click on ‘Tools’ menu as shown by red arrow above, then click on ‘Options’. In ‘Optios’, click on ‘Fatigue’ as shown in red box above to adjust the fatigue parameters for your fatigue analyses in ANSYS Mechanical.

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In ‘Fatigue’ options;

  • Design Life: When you are foing fatigue calculations, enter here the reference number of cycles for your calculations. The number of cycles will be compared with this number, whether you design will overcome this number of life.
  • Analysis Type: This is a drop-down menu that you can select the fatigue theory you will use in your fatigue calculations in ANSYS. Proper selection one of these tools is very important in terms of correctness of your analyses. The options are; SN-None, SN-Goodman, SN-Soderberg, SN-Gerber and Mean Stress Curves. The Goodman, Soderberg and Gerber methods are using the therotical static material properties along with SN curve datas, but Mean Stress Curves method uses experimental curves related to materials.
  • Bin Size: As you see above this is below the ‘Cycle Counting’ section. You can select a number 20-200 for bin size, which will create a square matrix in the dimensions of selected number for rainflow cycle counting.
  • Sensitivity options are vital for correct fatigue analysis in ANSYS Mechanical. In ‘Sensitivity’ category, you can adjust the percentage of lower bound of loading, according to base loading to obtain sensitivity curve in ‘Lower Variation’. You can do the same thing in ‘Upper Variation’ by entering a percentage for upper bound.
  • Number Of Fill Points: The default number of points will be plotted on fatigue sensitivity curve. You can calculate the sensitivity upon one of three options: Life, Damage and Factor Of Safety.


These are the general options for fatigue calculations in ANSYS Mechanical. After adjusting these options according to yourself, you can do your fatigue analyses.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ANSYS Mechanical fatigue tools below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.

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