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First Aspect Ratio In Inflation Meshing In ANSYS Meshing(Illustrated Expression)


You can create inflation mesh structures in ANSNS Meshing with different options. All of these inflation meshing options in ANSYS Meshing are explained in Mechanical Base. One of these inflation options is Fisrt Aspect Ratio option. In this article we will explain;

  • What is First Aspect Ratio in inflation meshing?
  • How to adjust inflation option in ANSYS Meshing as First Aspect Ratio?

Fisrt Aspect Ratio Inflation Option In ANSYS Meshing

Adjust the Inflation Option as First Aspect Ratio in ANSYS Meshing.

To adjust the Inflation Option as First Aspect Ratio, click on Mesh tab as shown by red arrow above, then click on Inflation Option in Inflation section as shown by green arrow. Select the First Layer Ratio option for Inflation Option as shown by green box in ANSYS Meshing.

Firts Aspect Ratio options uses three of values are entered by users; First Aspect Ratio, Maximum Layers and Growth Rate. With these values, the inflation mesh structure will be obtained.

Enter the required values for First Aspect Ratio option.

First Aspect Ratio: Heights of the inflation layers are defined by the extruded inflation layer’s aspect ratio that is entered.

Maximum Layers: Number of layers that you want to create in inflastion mesh structure.

Growth Rate: This is the rate of increment in each succesive layers in inflation mesh structure.

The inflation mesh structure will be defined according to these values that are entered by you in First Aspect Ratio option in ANSYS Meshing.

This is the general information about First Aspect Ratio in ANSYS Meshing.

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