General Classification Of Manufacturing Processes(Illustrated Expression)

If you take a look around you, there are lots of products and this make you think that there are thousands of manufacturing processes to produce all of these products. But the situation is not like that actually. Yes, there are many of manufacturing processes to produce customer products, but we can define the general manufacturing processes by classification. So in this article, we will show you the general classification of manufacturing processes.

General Classification Of Manufacturing Processes

Classification chart of manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing processes can be divided to two categories as, Processing Operations and Assembly Operations.

Processing operations has three main categories also such as; Shaping Processes, Property Enhancing Processes, Surface Processing Operations.

Assembly operations means that, obtaining products by assembling the produced parts. So this assembly processes divided to two main categories; Permanent joining and Mechanical fastening.

Processing Operations

  • Shaping Processes: These processes depends on the material removal, deformation and particulate processes. As you can understand that the there is an exact material movement in these processes.
  • Property Enhancing Processes: There is no actual material removal or movement, generally material’s or product’s values are enhanced with heat threatments.
  • Surface Processing Operations: The surface quality of produced parts is very important to define the value of the part. So surface properties of produced parts are sometimes enhanced by surface threatments or coatings.

Assembly Operations

  • Permanent Joining Processes: Permanent joint means that the assembled parts can not be de-assembled again. Welding, adhesive bonding or brazing and soldering are the general permanent joining processes.
  • Mechanical Fastening: These assembly operations can be de-assembled in future. But also there are permanent fasting methods in mechanical fastening. De-assembled solutions are generally the threaded fasteners in this group.

So this is the general classification of generaly manufacturing processes to produce general customer products.

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Image courtesy: Fundamentals Of Modern Manufacturing

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