Glass Products: Window Glasses, Glass Containers, Light Bulb Glasses

We gave some high technology application areas of glasses in this article. And here, we will give some daily consumer products of glass materials below. As you understand that, glass has very imporant place in our civilization in various levels.

What Are The Costumer Products Of Glass?

In general, in every application, types of ingridients of glass are same. But compositions of these ingridients changes according to application.

  • Glass Containers: Glass containers are very important aspect of our life. Almost in every home, people use these containers made from glass. Basic soda-lime compositions are used to produces containers or bottles by glass-blowing processes in history. Chemical stablity is very important for glass containers. So lime and soda compositions of these glass products are adjusted for that purpose. In general, lime gives fluidity to glass. But also lime decreases the vitrification which is eliminated with rapid cooling of glass products. Soda also decreases the chemical reaction affinity and solublity of glass products.
Glass container.
  • Window Glasses: Again, soda and lime compositions to produce vitreous and chemically stable window glasses are adjusted emprically throughout history. But in todays technology of glass production, slight amount of MgO is added to prevent devitrification.
Window glass.
  • Light Bulb Glasses: These types of glasses are called as ‘thin glasses’. And these thin glasses are used in other applications such as ornaments and drinking bottles. Thin glasses must be high in soda and low in lime composition. In todays thin glass manufacturing technology, continuous production and melting furnaces are used for serial production of light bulb glasses.

These three examples of daily products of glass can be summarized as above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ‘window glasses, light bulb glasses and glass containers’ below.

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