How To Add A Material To An Analysis In ANSYS(Illustrated Explanation)

Adding materials to analyses that we will do in Mechanical very basic and important thing. Generally you can use different materials for your different assembly parts in ANSYS. In this text you will find information about how to add different kinds of materials to your Mechanical analyses in ANSYS. Selecting a proper material for your analysis is very important thing in ANSYS and also you can create your own materials in ANSYS Workbench.


How To Add Different Materials In ANSYS?

Click on engineering data

To select materials for your analysis in ANSYS, click on Enginnering Data on your analysis on Workbench as shown by red arrow above.

Click on engineering data sources

To show the whole materials in ANSYS library, click on the Engineering Data Sources as shown by red arrow above.

ANSYS Material Library

These are the whole materials inside ANSYS that defined. Also this list will have created materials by you. Just click on one of this material libraries to select your material around them.

Follow the steps…

For example i selected the General Material library as shown by red box above then i selected the Concrete material inside this material library as shown by green box. To add this Concrete material to analysis, just click on the plus button as shown by green arrow above.

If you add a material to the ANSYS analyses from Engineering Data, a little book appears next to these materials. As you can see from the green box, you could add multiple of materials to your analysis in ANSYS.

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