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How To Assign A Force In ANSYS® Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

In this article of Mechanical Base, we will show you how to assign a force to the surfaces or other features of ANSYS® Mechanical parts. In finite elements analysis, force assignation to a part to analyze is a boundary condition. So specifying boundary conditions in a very well way is a very important thing to obtain a very correct finite element analysis. You will learn about how to assign forces to the various features of parts such as edges, vertexes, and faces.


How To Assign Forces To Parts In ANSYS® Mechanical?

Click on force

To assign a force to your part in ANSYS® Mechanical, you need to open the Mechanical interface. In this Mechanical interface, you need to right-click to your analysis system(in this example, it is Static Structural) as shown above. Then you need to hover your Mouse at Insert as shown, then click on the Force as shown by the blue box above in ANSYS® Mechanical.

Click on a face of a feature in ANSYS® Mechanical part

Select your feature in your part such as selected as a face as in this example above as shown by the blue arrow. The geometry selection is done by the Geometry tab in the force assignation command as shown by the red arrow. When you select the face to apply force, click apply in the Geometry tab in ANSYS® Mechanical.

Select your force definition method either components or vector in ANSYS® Mechanical

The assignation of force value is could be done by vector or components. You select one of these methods as shown by the red box above to assign your force value in ANSYS® Mechanical. For example, we selected to define our force value as components in ANSYS® Mechanical.

Enter your force values in ANSYS® Mechanical

We assigned our force to the top face of the parts by entering 500 Newton values to each X, Y, and Z components as shown by the red box above. Then you can see the direction of defined force as shown by the red arrow according to the values that entered by you to the ANSYS® Mechanical.

Also, you can assign force by selecting the Vectors method in ANSYS® Mechanical that you need only define a force value then define a vector from the features of the part in ANSYS® Mechanical.


The definition of force in ANSYS® Mechanical is as simple as that.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the definition of force in ANSYS® Mechanical.

NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used in educative and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.

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