How To Assign Materials To Different Parts In ANSYS Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show about how to assign a material from ANSYS Material Library or a material that created by you from ANSYS Enginering Data Sources. You can have lots of parts and assemblies to analyse in ANSYS Mechanical. So you can assign different materials to these parts in ANSYS Mechanical. In this text we will show you how to do assign different materials in ANSYS Mechanical interface.


How to assign different materials to different parts in ANSYS Mechanical?

First off you need to select the materials from Engineering Data to assign these materials to the parts that will be opened in ANSYS Mechanical. So double click on the Engineering Data as shown by blue arrow below.

Click on engineering data
Selecting materials in Engineerign Data Sources in ANSYS Workbench

Click on Engineering Data Sources as shown by blue box above and select your material library that that materials that you want to use in ANSYS Mechanical as shown by red box, then select your materials that you will use in ANSYS Mechanical by clicking on little plus buttons as shown by red arrows.

Adding various materials to assign in ANSYS Mechanical.

So close from the Engineering Data Sources section then click on the Model as shown by red arrow below to open ANSYS Mechanical to assign these selected materials to the parts.

The whole materials are selected by you as you can see. You can use these materials in ANSYS Mechanical.

Assigning material to different parts in ANSYS Mechanical.

In the interface of ANSYS Mechanical, you need to open your geometry tab as shown by red box above then you could select your assembly geometries individually to assign different materials inside the ANSYS Mechanical interface.

As you can see you can assign materials from the section as shown by red arrow, and also you can see the default materials is assigned as Structural Steel which is a default material in ANSYS Mechanical.

You can assign different materials as shown in blue box. In the blue box, the whole materials could seen that selected by you in the engineering data in ANSYS Workbench. The whole stuff about assigning different materials to different parts in ANSYS Mechancal is like that.

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