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How To Change AutoCAD Drawing Background Color(Illustrated Explanation)

The default color of Autocad background is generally dark as you know. Dark background color could be desirable at nightlong working. But it could be not desirable in daytime. Generally users could prefer much more light colors for their background in Autocad. Autocad gives chance to change the drawing backgorund color to the users. You can change easily your drawing background color in Autocad by following below steps thay we instroduced to you.

In this text you will learn how to change you Autocad background color and from where you can change your drawing background color in Autocad.


How To Change Autocad Drawing Background Color?

Autocad drawing background

You know that the default drawing background color of Autocad is dark as you see above. But you can change it like below.

Autocad options

To change Autocad drawing background color, right click on the Autocad drawing main scheme then click on the Options tab as shon by red arrow above.

Autocad options menu.

In Autocad Options screen, click on the display tab as in red box above then click on the Colors buttun as shown by red arrow to change Autocad drawing scheme background color.

Autocad drawing window color options

There will be a screen appeared like above. Select the 2D model space, then select Uniform background as shown by red arrow above to change the drawing background in Autocad. Then you can select your new color in the red box for your drawing background in Autocad. Click Apply&Close below the screen to save options.

Autocad background color changed

As you can see our drawing background turned in to the white in Autocad. You can use various kinds of colors for your background in Autocad.

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