How To Create Vectors In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)

This text shows about how to obtain vectors in Matlab and how to create vector variable in Matlab codes. As its name implies, Matlab generally works with the base of matrices. Also vectors are matrices and you could do various matrice calculation with your created vector in Matlab. Also you could do mathematical calculations with Matlab vectors and you could insert the Matlab vector to mathematical calculations with other matrices, vectors and individual variables. This is much more easy in Matlab coding compared with other software languages.

This article contains the answers of these questions;

How to create vectors in Matlab? How a vector is created in Matlab? What is vector in Matlab? How can i create a vector in Matlab? How a vector could be created in Matlab coding? How can i do mathematical calculations with vectors in Matlab? How is the syntax of vectors in Matlab?

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How Is The Creation Of Vectors In Matlab?

Vector creation examples in Matlab

There are bunch of vector examples in Matlan script above, we will talk abou their working principles below.

The results of created vectors in Matlab.

As you can see the v vector is a very basic vector and shows the how to create a vector in Matlab in principle. d vector shows about how to create column vectors in Matlab. You could understand that if you put ‘;’ between vector numbers, this vector will be column vector like d. The meaning of z vector, ve create the z vector starts with 1, ends with 3 and increment of each element in z vector is 0.5. You could type first value, incerement value and end value to create a vector by putting ‘:’ between these values.

In p vector, we did bunch of mathematical calculations by uisng a vector like z. As you can see we multiplied an increment vector with pi and divided with 4.

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