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How To Download Autocad 2018 (Illustrated Explanation)

Autocad is generally used CAD software by engineers especially mechanical engineers that is being produced by Autodesk. Mechanical engineers are generally using Autocad for generating technical drawings, 2D assembly drawings of machine components. So, Autocad CAD software has a very important place in mechanical engineers’ occupational life. This is because Autocad’s 2D drawing tools are very efficient and also Autocad has very developed 2D drawing tools inside it. Also Autocad has very low price compared with other CAD softwares. We think that a mechanical engineer should know how to use Autocadi how to create technical drawing at least in Autocad.

In this article we will show you the how to download Autocad 2018 products to your computer and what do you need to do for downloading Autocad 2018 in your computer. Also there is an article about how to install Autocad 2018 to your computer. Also you can find what are the system requirements of Autocad 2018 in that article to compare whether your computer can run Autocad 2018.

How To Download Autocad 2018?

Autodesk website to download autocad 2018

From the Autodesk website, you can download educational free Autocad 2018 product to your computer and we will show you how to dowload Autocad 2018 free in your computer.

Select Autocad to download Autocad 2018

In this offical Autodesk website, you need to click on the AutoCAD symbol as shown by red box to download Autocad 2018 products.

Select one of them to download Autocad 2018

You need to Sıgn In or Create An Autodesk Account to download Autocad 2018 as shown in red box above. You just create an account or if you have an account just sign in to download Autocad 2018.

Click on Download Now to download AutoCAD 2018

In this screen after signing in after creating an account to download Autocad 2018 , you need to click on the Download Now button as shown by red arrow above to download Autocad 2018.

Select Autocad 2018 to download it.

After clicking on the Download Now button, you need to select the Autocad 2018 version from the list as shown by red box and red arrow above to download Autocad 2018 to your computer.

Select your operating system for Autocad 2018

After the selection of Autocad 2018 version from the list, you need to select of your computer’s operating system 32bit or 64bit Windows to download Autocad 2018 as shown in red box above.

Select your Autocad 2018 language.

You need to select your language from the red box region to download Autocad 2018. After this step a product code will be given to you. But you do not need to use it because you will you free trial of Autocad 2018 or Student versin of Autocad 2018. If you want to buy Autocad 2018 products, you need to contact with Autodesk directly for technical support for this.

Click on Install Now to download Autocad 2018

After selecting the whole things, just click on the Install Now button to download Autocad 2018.

Click on I accept to download Autocad 2018

So there will a screen appears to download Autocad 2018. Just select the I Accept then click on Install to Download Autocad 2018. After that, the installation manager of Autocad 2018 will be downloaded to your computer. Open this installation manager of Autocad 2018.

Autocad 2018 is downloading now.
Click on Install button to download Autocad 2018

Click on Install button as shown by red box above to Start Autocad 2018 download and installation process on your computer.

Autocad 2018 is downloading and installing

Wait until to download process of Autocad 2018 is done…

Installation process of Autocad 2018 is done.

Wait until to this screen appears after whole product of Autocad 2018 downloaded and installed to your computer.

Also we have How To Install Autocad 2018 article in our website, you can visit to Install Autocad 2018 to your computer by directly from its downloaded folder.


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