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How To Drill Geometries In Solidworks With Extruded Cut(Illustrated Expression)

In this text we will show you how to drill 3D geometries in Solidworks by using Extruded Cut command. In various CAD tools,  the drilling of 3D geometries are fulfilled with different methods. The method of drilling in Solidworks with Extruded Cut. It is very easy to use command and if tou follow the step that we introduced to you here, you could easily use Extruded Cut command in Solidworks.

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How To Use Extruded Cut Command In Solidworks?

Enter to the Extruded Cut command in Solidworks

As you can see above, for example we want to drill our geometry with 2d sketches as shown by red arrows. To do it, we need to click on the Extruded Cut command as hown by green arrow.

Select your hole geometries

After clicking on the Extruded Cut, we will receive a message like that. This message tells us to select the cutting sketches, and we will select out 2D cutting sketches for Extruded Cut.

Contours are selected for Extruded Cut

By selecting one of them, the Extruded Cut will be opened then you could select other contours as shown by red arrows.

Select your ketch plane

In this section of your Extruded Cut command, you could select the starting plane of your cutting operation. In the current operation, out cutting opearatiıon starts from the sketch plane. But if you select;

Surface/Face/Plane: The cutting operation will start from the selected face, plane etc. by you, not from the sketch plane.

Vertex: Again the cutting opeation will start from the selected vertex of a geometry by you, not from the sketch plane.

Offset: The cutting operation will start from the distance that you entered in Offset option, not from sketch plane.

Select the method of Extruded Cut

In this section you could select the place that where the cutting operation with Extruded Cut command will end.

Through All: The cutting operation with Extruded Cut command will be done through all the geometries in the direction of cutting.

Up To Next: The cutting operation will stop where the first cut 3D geometry ends. It will not the second geometry cut after the first cut geometry.

Up To Vertex: The cutting opearation of Extruded Cut command will end at vertex that you selected in drawing place.

Up To Surface: Extruded Cut command cutting operation will end at the selected surface at drawing by you.

Offset From Surface: The cutting opeation will end where the offset value that you entered after selecting an end surface for cutting in Extruded Cut command.

Up To Body: The cutting operation will end at the selected body by you in Extruded Cut command.

Mid Plane: The symmetrical cut will be done according to the cut depth value that you entered to Extruded Cut command.

Draft angle in Extruded Cut command

You could also give Draft feature to you cuttinf operation in Extruded Cut by entering a angle value after activating the Draft feature by clicking on the Draft symbol. You could see the result as shown by red arrows that the end of the cut section is narrowed. Also you could widen your cut by clicking on Draft Outward.

Direction 2 options for Extruded Cut command

Also you could do your smae adjustments like in Direction 1 in different manner for Direction 2 as shown in red box for Extruded Cut. You could see the effect of Direction 2 selection. But we have not a geometry for Direction 2 in Extruded Cut command.

Thin Feature for Extruded Cut in Solidworks

You can give thing feature to your holes in Extruded Cut command by entering a thickness value in red box above. You could see the result as hown by red arrow.

Complete your Extruded Cut operation

After your adjustments done for Extruded Cut command in Solidworks, you could click on the green yes symbol as shown by red arrow above.

Extruded Cut process is done.

This is our result of the hole drilling operation with Extruded Cut command in Solidworks.

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