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How To Edit Material Properties In ANSYS®(Illustrated Exression)

ANSYS® has a very good material library that users could use these default materials in their different analyses. But sometimes you need to use different material characteristics in your analyses in ANSYS® or you need to add another material property to ANSYS® materials. In this content, we will tell you how to change or add the properties of the materials of ANSYS® materials. You can do it by following the steps we introduced to you.

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How A Material Property Is Changed In ANSYS®?

Click on Engineering Data

To open the material library and the material section of ANSYS®, double click on Engineering Data as shown by the red arrow above in ANSYS®.

Click on Engineering Data Sources

To change a material property or add a material property in ANSYS®, click on the Engineering Data Sources tab as shown by the red arrow in Engineering Data in ANSYS®.

Make the material library editable

For example, you want to change a material’s property in the General Materials sublibrary in ANSYS® as in the red box above, tick the shown place by the green box in the red box in ANSYS®.

Edit your material property.

In general materials, you want to change the properties of Structural Steel, click on that material as shown by the green arrow, as you can see the properties of Structural Steel is changeable as shown in the green box. You can change the value of a material property by entering a value and by adjusting a unit of it from the properties tab.

Also, you can adjust a property that changes with temperature by forming a table of it in ANSYS®.


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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.

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