How To Edit Units In ANSYS Mechanical(Illustrated Expression)

In ANSYS analyses, user could prefer different unit systems. Some of users could select US Customary standards, some of users select British units and some of them could select International Units for their analyses in ANSYS. In this text we will show you how to select unit types in ANSYS Workbench and how to select units in ANSYS Mechanical.

The proper unit selection must be important in either ANSYS Workbench and ANSYS Mechanical. This is how to select proper unit in ANSYS Workbench and Mechanical as shown by illustations.


How To Select Units In ANSYS Workbench And ANSYS Mechanical?

Click on Units tab in ANSYS Workbench.

In ANSYS Workbench, you could select your unit system basically from the Units tab as shown in red box above. These units will affect you material properties units in Engineering Data, because of that it is very important to select proper units for it in ANSYS Workbench.

Also click on ANSYS Mechanical Units tab.

Also you can select your units in ANSYS Mechanical with the same manner in ANSYS Workbench. This units affect the solution of your analyses in ANSYS Mechanical that its is very important to choose proper units in Mechanical.

Your selected unit types in ANSYS Workbench and ANSYS Mechanical must be same. Because the calculations inside ANSYS Mechanical is done according to ANSYS Workbench Engineering Data material properties. Because of that, the selection of units in both Workbench and Mechanical as same is vital.

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