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How To Generate Random Numbered Matrix In MatLab(Illustrated Expression)


In Matlab you can obtain various kinds of matrices by using also various kinds of commands for it. Also you can obtain even a matrix that comprises randomly obtained elements inside it. This command that generates random element matrices called ‘rand’ command. The use of ‘rand’ command is very easy. We gave basic examples below that you can understand how to use ‘rand’ command in Matlab and which kinds of matrices in Matlab by usinf ‘rand’ command.

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How To Use Rand Command In Matlab?

Random numbered matrix generation in Matlab.

As you can see from the example above about ‘rand’ command in Matlab, the general use of it only typing rand then typing dimensions of the matrix inside paranthesis right after it as at the variable v. You can see the variable v result that the 3×5 matrix that comprises randomly created numbers between  0 and 1.

Also you could do mathematical calculations with random numbered matrices that you created with ‘rand’ command in Matlan as in z variable above. You can see the result that the whole elements of variable v matrix is simply multiplied with number of 5.

Also you can directly use the ‘rand’ command in Matlab in mathematical calculations as in d variable. 5×6 dimensioned matrix is created via ‘rand’ command then this directly multiplied with the number of 5  as you can see from the result of variable d.

So you can obtain various kinds of matrices that comprises randomly created numbers in Matlab.

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