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How To Generate Unit Matrices In Short Way In MatLab(Illustrated Epression)


As you know Matlab has various tools and commands to obtain matrices in a short way. Because the general mathematical calculations are done with matrices in Matlab. Also unit matrices are frequently used in Matlab to do special mathematical calculations. So Matlab has a special command that creates unit matrices called ‘eye’ command. The use of ‘eye’ command to obtain unit matrices is very basic. And there is a basic example about the use of ‘eye’ command in Matlab. Also you will find information about how is the syntax of ‘eye’ command in Matlab in this text.

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How To Use Eye Command In Matlab?

Eye code usage in Matlab

As you can see from above, the use of ‘eye’ is very basic. The general use of ‘eye’ command in Amtlab is like in v variable. You simple type eye then type your square matrix dimension inside paranthesis right after it. So v variable is obtained as 3×3 square unit matrix with ‘eye’ command in Matlab.

Also you can do mathematical calculations with ‘eye’ command in Matlab as shown by z variable above. The v variable which has obtained with ‘eye’ command simply multiplied with the number of 5. You can see the result that unit axis of z matrix comprises only the number of 5.

You can direcyly do mathematical calculations with ‘eye’ command as in d variable above. We add 5 to the eye(5) unit matrix in variable d. Then you can see the result that the whole elements in d matrix added with the number of 5.

So, you can understand that you could ontain various kinds of matrices in Matlab in short way by using various matrix generator codes such as this ‘eye’ command.

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